Providing Architectural Vision
with Speed and Grace
  The average large-scale Web application is now delivered in less than six months. Most small to medium-sized applications are produced in a dizzying 90 days. This is the minimum speed allowed on today's Information Superhighway, ever since the latest Web technologies began to empower development teams to move ever more swiftly.

  At these speeds, IT organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage a big picture view of their application portfolios. Few are able to put into place a unifying architecture that lets them easily expand and integrate that portfolio with new purchased or developed applications. The lack of time often results in tactical development efforts that result in applications that are not built to last or which cannot grow with the business. But wouldn't you rather have a well thought out portfolio of true IT assets that work together, and serve the business for years instead of months?

   If this observation resonates with you, we believe that you will find Kaloke to be the partner you're looking for, and we invite you to peruse the services and solutions that we offer.